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Champion of the Thames is a pub in King Street, Cambridge, England. The pub's name derives from an oarsman who won a sculling race on the Thames before moving to Cambridge in 1860. He required that all mail to him be addressed to 'The Champion of the River Thames, King Street, Cambridge'.[1] The rowing connection continues, "Champion of the Thames" rowing club being sponsored by the pub.

The pub is mentioned in Tom Sharpe's novel Porterhouse Blue in which it is said to be character Scullion's favourite pub. Tom Sharpe changes the name to The Thames Boatman in his novel.

Champion of the Thames is one of the smaller pubs in Cambridge and is one of The King Street Run referring to the practice of consuming one pint of beer in each pub in King Street in the quickest time.

Since 1992[2] a team from Champion of the Thames has played an annual cricket match against one from the St Radegund, for the King Street Trophy.


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