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The Channeling is a punk band from Southern California. The Channeling's first official appearance in the mainstream was a slot on the soundtrack for the game Tony Hawk's Project 8 in 2006. The song is called "Frighteners".

The Channeling's EP called "Less Summer" is available for free download on their Facebook page. Their first full-length CD, "Last Harvest", was released on June 21, 2011. A glow in the dark ouija board is a pre-order bonus for the first 31 orders.

The track lists are following

Less Summer 01:Contain The Contagion 02:Until It Burns.. 03:Less Summer

Last Harvest 01: Excommunication 02:Coroners Report 03:Cold Circuits 04:Damian 05:Frighteners 06:Anoxia 07:Demonology 08:Bolt Neck 09:Pillars To Dust 10:Salem

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