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The Chant is a indie rock band from South Florida that relocated to Atlanta.[1] The band formed in 1984 and was originally composed of Walter Cz[2] on vocals, guitars and mandolin, James "Bing" Johnson on vocals and bass, Todd Barry[3] on drums, and Rich DeFinis on guitar. Notable later lineups included Frank Mullen[4] on drums, Earl "Bubba" Maddox[5] on drums, "Mighty" Joe Hamm[6] on drums, Gregory Dean Smalley[7] on guitar, and Pat Johnson on guitar.

The Chant were a little bit country, but way more rock and roll. "The Chant were the jangliest, rockingest, twangiest, poppiest, psychedeliest post-punk Southern folk-rock band ever! (Okay, maybe there were one or two others...) Inspired by the 60s, informed by the 70s, formed in the 80s and ignored in the 90s, The Chant sparkled and roared out from a steamy SoFla punk scene to release two critically acclaimed albums, 1985's "Three Sheets To The Wind" and 1989's "Two Car Mirage". The band relocated to Atlanta in 1986 and played shows up and down the east coast, headlining their own shows and opening for such indie luminaries as the Dream Syndicate, Jason and the Scorchers and The Swimming Pool Q's. They shared a side of a Chemical Imbalance 45 with Sonic Youth and appeared on tribute CDs to The Monkees and The Saints. They called it quits (for the first time) in 1996 after the death of their lead guitarist Gregory Dean Smalley." [8] The band reformed with the current lineup in 2011 and played a couple of mini-tours. There has recently been discussion of a reunion in honor of James "Bing" Johnson's 60th birthday.


Current members: Walter Czachowski, James B. Johnson, Mighty Joe Hamm & Roddey Phipps.

Previous members: Gregory Dean Smalley (gtr, snappy duds), Pat Johnson (gtr) and Linda Hopper & Rick Taylor (backing vox), Todd Barry - drums (1984–85) Mike Patterson - guitar (1984) Rich DeFinis - guitar (1985–1987) Jeanette Stout - vocals, lyrics (throughout) Pete Moss -drums (1985) Frank Mullen - drums (1986–87) Mike Hunter - guitar (1986) Sam Hughes - guitar, keyboards (1988) Earl Maddox - drums (1990) Bruce Wismer - keyboards (when available) Michael Mills - drums (intermittently, 1992–94) Bruce Threlkeld - drums (1991) Walter Brewer - drums (1991).[9]

Current members Czachowski, Phipps, and Hamm are also in Atlanta's Bad Friend.


  • Three Sheets to the Wind - 1985. Safety Net Records
  • Two Car Mirage - 1989 - Produced by The Chant, John Keane and James Klotz. Bill Ashton served as executive producer. Recorded in Atlanta's Channel One Studios. Released by Safety Net Records and bears the cutter NET 12. It is also available in CD format and that CD also includes their debut album, 1985's Three Sheets to the Wind sans one track.
  • We Three Kings - Christmas Single - 1990 (b/w Charlie Pickett's Bullshit)


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