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Chanticleer Logo.jpg
Categories Student/University
Frequency Monthly
Total circulation
First issue 1922
Company Averett University
Country United States
Language English

The Chanticleer is Averett University's student-run news magazine. Since 1922, The Chanticleer has provided community news to the students, faculty and staff of Averett. CNM has also be used to refer to the magazine as "Chanticleer News Magazine" or, more recently with the expansion of CNM's initiatives into digital media, "Chanticleer News Media." Dr. Susan Huckstep has served as The Chanticleer's advisor since 2010.


The Chanticleer was established in 1922, under the leadership of Dr. Ann Garbett. Its first 32-page issue included references to the Philomathean and Mnemosynean literary societies, poetry and a discussion of the university landscape 63 years into Averett's history. The first issue was dedicated to Miss Nelson Hackett, Art Director:

"To Miss Nelson Hackett, our Director of Art, who has put into visible form the essence of our would-be wit and wisdom, we, the Staff of Chanticleer, with appreciation and affectionate esteem, do dedicate this issue."[1]

CNM Au Courant[edit]

Digital Distribution[edit]

In addition to continued print circulation, CNM began publishing issues online with its October 2010.

Layout & Design[edit]

The Chanticleer has undergone numerous redesigns during its 89-year run including newspaper formats and an oversized magazine layout. As of Fall 2011, the publication runs at a digest size of 5.5" x 8.5".[2]

Past Editors-in-Chief[edit]

  • Bobby Allen Roach, Spring 2012
  • Ashley Jackson, Spring 2011
  • David Pone, Fall 2010
  • Thelma Ferguson, 1922


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