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This article is about the magazine. For the London-based band, see The Chap (band).
The Chap
Chap covers.jpg
Editor Gustav Temple
Categories Men's lifestyle
Frequency Bi-monthly
Year founded 1999
Country UK
Language English
Website Official website

The Chap is a British bi-monthly magazine and related books, founded in 1999 by Gustav Temple and Vic Darkwood, and still edited by Gustav Temple. Printed in B5 format the magazine proposes a return to a more dandified way of life, involving the wearing of tweed and fine clothes, proper head wear, pipe smoking, cultivating facial hair (especially moustaches), quality handmade shoes, and sharply pressed trousers.

The magazine is predominantly a mixture of articles on clothing, sport (mainly cricket and horse racing) and tobacco-related articles interspersed with humorous jokes and guidance on etiquette. The "Am I a Chap" section sees people send photos of themselves dressed in vintage attire which the magazine's editors often deride. Each magazine usually features an interview conducted by Michael Attree and feature articles on things related such as Bartitsu.[1] Earlier editions were often more-in-cheek with articles such as "A Year in Catford".[2]

While Chappism appreciates British culture and loves tradition, it is rooted in the Situationist strand of anarchism with more than the occasional nod to Dada.[3] It is also indebted to Monty Python, Peter Cook, Spike Milligan and Viv Stanshall as much as it is to the avant-garde.

Manifesto and protests[edit]

The Chap features a 10-point manifesto including the virtues of smoking, never wearing denim jeans, and the growing of facial hair. The magazine has organised several mock protests; against modern art installations;[4] and at the future children's wear outlet of Abercrombie and Fitch at No. 3 Savile Row.[5]

Avoiding closure[edit]

In May 2009, the magazine nearly closed due to financial issues arising from publishing a larger A4 format magazine. To keep going The Chap asked its readership and subscribers to donate funds. Additionally, Viz Magazine financially supported the magazine. It returned to its B5 format to reduce printing costs.[6]

Chap Olympiad[edit]

The Chap hosts an annual summer Chap Olympiad, normally held in Bedford Square Gardens, London.[7]


Title Year Type Pages Author
Drinking for Chaps 2015 drinks 160 Gustav Temple & Olly Smith
Cooking for Chaps 2014 recipes 224 Gustav Temple & Clare Gabbett-Mulhallen
Am I A Chap? 2011 compilation 199 Gustav Temple
The Best of The Chap 2005 compilation 192 Gustav Temple & Vic Darkwood
Around the World in Eighty Martinis: The Logbook of a Remarkable Voyage Undertaken 2003 travelogue 144 Gustav Temple & Vic Darkwood
The Chap Almanac: An Esoterick Yearbook for the Decadent Gentleman 2002 collection 144 Gustav Temple & Vic Darkwood
The Chap Manifesto: Revolutionary Etiquette For The Modern Gentleman 2001 treatise 138 Gustav Temple & Vic Darkwood

Notable contributors[edit]

From 2003 to 2005, Miss Martindale, a prominent spokesperson of Aristasia, wrote the Ladies' Column.


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