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The Chap
Origin London
Genres Pop, Indietronica
Years active 2000–present
Labels Lo Recordings
Ghostly International
Members Keith Duncan
Panos Ghikas
Claire Hope
Berit Immig
Johannes von Weizsäcker

The Chap are an experimental pop band from North London. Their music is a mix of Electronica, Rock, Krautrock and Pop.

Band members[edit]

  • Keith Duncan - drums, vocals, keyboards
  • Panos Ghikas - bass, vocals, guitar, violin, computer, keyboards
  • Claire Hope - keyboards, vocals, melodica
  • Berit Immig - keyboards, vocals (also plays in band Omo)
  • Johannes von Weizsäcker - guitar, vocals, cello, computer, keyboards

Berit Immig and Johannes von Weizsäcker first met when playing in band Karamasov (Satellite Records).


In early 2006 they toured Europe to support their second album Ham which gained much critical acclaim including an album of the month in The Wire. On 19 April 2008 (26 April in the UK) they released a third album, Mega Breakfast . During 2008 and 2009, the band completed several UK and mainland European tours as well as their first US tour.

In May 2010 they released Well Done Europe, which received a rating of 7.7 from Pitchfork Media.

In March 2012 they released We Are Nobody, which received a rating of 7.0 from Pitchfork Media.


  • 2003: The Horse (Lo Recordings)
  • 2005: Ham (Lo Recordings)
  • 2008: Mega Breakfast (Ghostly International/ Lo Recordings)
  • 2008: Builder's Brew Mini-album (Lo Recordings)
  • 2010: Well Done Europe (Lo Recordings)
  • 2011: We Are The Best (Lo Recordings)
  • 2012: We Are Nobody (Lo Recordings)
  • 2015: The Show Must Go (Lo Recordings)



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