The Cherokee Flash

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The Cherokee Flash
Movie poster
Directed by Thomas Carr
Produced by Bennett Cohen
Written by Betty Burbridge
Starring see list below
Cinematography Reggie Lanning
Edited by Charles Craft
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
  • December 13, 1945 (1945-12-13)
Running time
58 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Cherokee Flash is a 1945 American Western directed by Thomas Carr. The film is a Sunset Carson serial Western. In the film, Sunset Carson works to free his father and clear the family name from a crime his father did not commit.


Lawyer Butler, wanting Jeff Carson's ranch, has the Sheriff and his gang frame the bank holdup on him. Then they kill a witness that could free Carson and blame the murder on his son Sunset. But Sunset escapes, frees his father, and then sets a trap to catch the real killers.



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