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The Chess Hotel is the third full-length album from American rock band The Elms. The album was released May 2, 2006, on Universal South Records.[1]

The album was co-produced by The Elms and David Bianco and marked a stylistic shift in the band's sound towards a heavier, sparse blues-infused sound. Reviews of the album were favorable, and critics likened the album's sound to The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and The White Stripes.[2][3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. I Am the World
  2. Who Puts Rock & Roll in Your Blood?
  3. Nothin' to Do with Love
  4. Makes Good Sense
  5. I Left My Body and Never Came Back
  6. She's Cold!
  7. The Chess Hotel
  8. Bring Me Your Tea
  9. The Way I Will
  10. The Downtown King
  11. Black Peach
  12. The Towers & the Trains
  13. I've Been Wrong


The Chess Hotel was recorded in Franklin, Tennessee at Dark Horse Studios. The album was mixed at Scream Studios in Los Angeles, California.


The Elms
  • Owen Thomas - lead vocals, guitar, percussion, songwriting
  • Christopher Thomas - drums, percussion
  • Thomas Daugherty - lead guitar, vocals
  • Nathan W. Bennett - bass guitar, vocals
  • David Bianco - co-producer, engineer, mix engineer
  • Eddie Schreyer - mastering engineer


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