The Chica Show

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The Chica Show
Also known as Chica
Genre Educational
Traditional animation
Presented by Kelly Vrooman
Starring Forrest Harding
Mario Lopez
John Taylor
Christopher Brasfield
Opening theme "The Chica Show"
Ending theme "The Chica Show" (instrumental)
Composer(s) Tim Burns
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 28
Executive producer(s) TBA
Producer(s) TBA
Location(s) Costume coop
Running time 11 minutes
Distributor NBCUniversal Television Distribution
JBMW Media[1]
Original network Universal Kids
NBC (NBC Kids)
Picture format 16:9 HD[2]
Audio format Stereo[2]
Original release November 24, 2012 (2012-11-24) – present
Preceded by Sunny Side Up
Related shows The Sunny Side Up Show
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The Chica Show is an American children's television series based on the puppetry segments of The Sunny Side Up Show on Universal Kids, which features the chicken puppet character Chica in full episodic and animated adventures rather than the traditional continuity of Sunny Side Up. The program premiered on November 24, 2012, with a preview episode airing on October 31, 2012. The program began to air as part of the NBC Kids block on Comcast sister network NBC in February 2013, and is fully compliant with E/I regulations. A second season started on July 29, 2013.


  • Kelly (Kelly Vrooman) - The shopkeeper of the Costume Coop, a store that sells lots of different costumes.
  • Chica (squeaks provided by Forrest Harding) - A chicken puppet and Mr. and Mrs. C's daughter. Chica often causes problems in the live-action segments, only for Kelly to teach her a lesson and the lesson to be demonstrated in the cartoon segment. Chica's name is actually Spanish for "girl" or "cute".
  • Bunji (voiced by John Taylor) - A bunny who likes carrots.
  • Stitches (voiced by Mario Lopez) - A boy who seems to be a rag doll, and is a display in the Coop's window.
  • Mr. C - A rooster who is Chica's father.
  • Mrs. C - A hen who is Chica's mother. She has starred in many plays at the Coop.

Episode format[edit]

In every episode, Kelly, Chica, Mr. C and Mrs. C tend to what the customer at the Costume Coop that episode needs. Things often go wrong in this part due to Chica, so Kelly tries to teach Chica the lesson of the episode. Then, the cuckoo clock (which is shaped like Mr. C,) goes off and Kelly said to Chica, The Coop Is Closing, But We're Not Done. Let's Lock Up The Shop, And Have More Fun. and Mr. and Mrs. C lock up the Coop while singing a song. After, two eggs with legs hop out of the cuckoo clock and Kelly, Chica, Stitches, and Bunji turn into cartoon characters. Then, Kelly says "Time to dress up and play!" and the cartoon segment is shown, demonstrating the lesson that Chica learned.

Episode list[edit]

1. Captain Chica Redcomb; The Amazing Chicadini Air Date: February 7, 2013 Plot: Chica loses a pirate party hat; Chica learns to believe in herself while pretending to be a magician.

2. Chica Rocks; Chica Twinkle Toes Air Date: February 16, 2013 Plot: Chica learns to keep a beat in her imaginary rock band; ballerina Chica learns the importance of practicing.

3. Cowgirls and Cowchicken; Icky, Sticky, Chicky Air Date: February 23, 2013 Plot: Chica learns about following rules; Chica creates chaos in the coop when she doesn't want to clean up after making an icky, sticky masterpiece.

4. Chica to the Rescue; Chica and the Vikings Air Date: March 2, 2013 Plot: Fire Chief Chica learns how to be a hero; Chica learns to be polite.

5. Commander Chica Lifts Off; Chica the Artist Air Date: March 9, 2013 Plot: Chica gets jittery during her imaginary space mission; Chica discovers that everyone has their own special touch when it comes to creating art.

6. Chica Plays the Egg Games; Super Chica Air Date: March 16, 2013 Plot: Chica learns to be a good sport; Chica learns the importance of teamwork.

7. Special Delivery Chica; Chica's Big Comb Circus Air Date: March 23, 2013 Plot: The cuckoo clock in the Coop breaks and makes other animal noises; Chica acts bossy while being the ringmaster of a circus.

8. Reporting for WCLUCK; Doctor Chica Air Date: March 30, 2013 Plot: Chica pretends to be a news reporter; Chica, a fairy doctor, tries to cure Fairy Stitches of his "Wilted Wing."

9. Chica Has the Chirples; Chica's Jug Band Jamboree Air Date: April 6, 2013 Plot: Chica loses her voice; no one can play in the jug band jamboree because Chica will not share any of the instruments.

10. Chica Climbs a Mountain; Snow Princess Chica Air Date: April 13, 2013 Plot: A cold wind forces Chica to cancel her luau plans, so see sets off on an icy adventure; Chica becomes frustrated when she can't find a crown in the Coop.

11. Vroom, Vroom Chica; Chica the Bock-a-Doodle Builder Air Date: April 20, 2013 Plot: Chica and her friends race off on an adventure; Chica learns about planning buildings.

12. Farmer Chica; Bock-a-Doodle-Doo, I Love You Air Date: April 27, 2013 Plot: Chica gorges on junk food; Chica thinks that her parents don't love her anymore after she causes trouble.

13. Techno-Chica; Chica's Comedy Of Errors Air Date: March 23, 2014 Plot: Chica travels through time.


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