The Chinese Way

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The Chinese Way
The Chinese Way, cover of the book, 2014.jpg
Cover of the book
Author Min Ding, Jie Xu
Country United States
Language English
Genre Society, China
Published 2014
Publisher Routledge
Media type Print
ISBN 978-0415534970

The Chinese Way is a 2014 social psychology book by Min Ding and Jie Xu.

This book takes an anthropologist's perspective, and covers 51 topics central to Chinese around 2014. It identifies nine core concepts that best represent the Chinese way of life: Doctrine of Mean, Wealthism, Tribalism, Hierarchicalism, Polymorphism, Usefulism, Emotionalism, Effortlessism, Cynicism. The book is built upon personal stories and perspectives from close to 1000 successful Chinese from academia, business, and government, as well as secondary data.