The Chosen Few (Electric Wizard song)

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This article is about the Electric Wizard song. For the Kreator song, see Chosen Few (song). For the Judas Priest album, see The Chosen Few (Judas Priest album). For other uses, see Chosen Few.
"The Chosen Few"
Song by Electric Wizard from the album Witchcult Today
Released November 12, 2007 (2007-11-12)
Recorded April–August 2007 at Toe Rag Studios in London, England
Genre Doom metal, Stoner metal
Length 08:19
Label Rise Above Records (UK)
Candlelight Records (US)
Leaf Hound Records (Japan)
Writer Jus Oborn
Language English
Producer Liam Watson
30 second sample from Electric Wizard's "The Chosen Few".

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"The Chosen Few" is a song by the English doom metal band Electric Wizard which appears in their 2007 album Witchcult Today.[1]


The lyrics of the song are of the occult and satanic nature. It portrays an end of times scenario with a specific group of Satan worshipers referred to as "the chosen few" being the anti hero protagonists. In the song, the singer urges the group to "end all life" and present them as tribute to Satan. The Chosen few is about the bands fans "The chosen Few" are the members of the bands Witchcult and they are the fanatics the members of Electric Wizard's Coven.


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