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The Chronicle is a weekly newspaper published in St. Helens, Oregon, United States.

It was established in 1881 and is owned by Country Media.[1] The Chronicle is published on Wednesdays and has a circulation of 4,372.[1] It is the newspaper of record for Columbia County.[2]


When the newspaper started in 1881, it was named the Oregon Mist, later renamed to the St. Helens Mist.[3][4][5] In 1933, the Mist bought out the St. Helens Sentinel, which was established in 1926, and the paper was renamed the Sentinel-Mist.[5] In 1936, a paper named the St. Helens Chronicle was started.[5] The Chronicle bought the Sentinel-Mist in 1968 and the combined publication became known as The Sentinel-Mist Chronicle, Columbia County's only newspaper.[5] Later the name became The Chronicle and Sentinel-Mist, finally becoming The Chronicle in 2009.[5][6]


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