The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury

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The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury
Dark fury cover.jpg
Directed by Peter Chung
Produced by John Kafka
Jae Y. Moh
Written by Brett Matthews
Story by David Twohy
Based on Characters created by Jim Wheat
Ken Wheat
Starring Vin Diesel
Rhiana Griffith
Keith David
Nick Chinlund
Tress MacNeille
Roger L. Jackson
Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Release date
June 15, 2004
Running time
35 minutes
Language English

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury is a 2004 made-for-DVD animated science fiction film. It was directed by the Korean-American animator Peter Chung, and features Vin Diesel reprising his role of Richard B. Riddick. It acts as a bridgepoint between Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick.


Shortly after escaping the planet from Pitch Black, Riddick, Jack, and the Imam are picked up by a Mercenary spacecraft. Although Riddick attempts to conceal his identity from the mercenaries by impersonating William J. Johns (in Pitch Black) over the intercom, they quickly voice-print and identify him.

Captured by the mercenaries, the trio of survivors discover that their captors have unusual plans for them. The ship's owner, Antonia Chillingsworth (Tress MacNeille), collects criminals, whom she freezes and keeps as statues that are, in her view, art. Although the criminals are frozen, they are alive and conscious. To her Riddick is the ultimate "masterpiece" for her collection. Riddick, Jack, and Imam must fight their way through the army of human and alien creatures at her disposal or they will meet a fate crueler than death.

Riddick is pursued much of the story by Toombs and his mercs/bounty hunters. Mercs are kept in suspended animation until they are needed. They are released to confront Riddick and company aboard the ship.

Jack has important character development, as she discovers her violent side by shooting the ship's owner just before she can kill Riddick. This discovery is clearly a source of worry for Riddick and Imam as the three escape from the mercenary ship. Riddick decides to deliver both Jack and Imam to New Mecca, where they'll be safe.


Critical Response[edit]

Dark Fury received mixed reviews.


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