The Church of God in Divine Order

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The Church of God in Divine Order is a Pentecostal holiness body of Christians, based in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.


The Church of God in Divine Order shares a common history with the Church of God (Huntsville, Alabama) up until their division. The Church of God in Divine Order was organized October 14, 2000, under the leadership of Apostle Ted Carr (now deceased), Apostle Jimmy Taylor (now deceased) and Apostle Leo Taylor. According to Carr, "The Church of God in Divine Order believes in operating in the gifts of the spirit by the Power of the Holy Ghost through a 5 fold ministry of believers being in one mind & one accord as they are directed by & through the government of God."


This corporate body has a vision of gathering together unto the coming of the Lord; and a commission to preach, teach and practice the infallible message of the Kingdom of God to all nations which Jesus said would bring the church age to a close prior to his second coming (Matthew 24:14). They believe they are carrying on the vision of A. J. and Homer Tomlinson.

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