The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in North Carolina

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As of year-end 2007, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reported 71,737 members in 15 stakes,[1] 144 Congregations (102 wards[2] and 42 branches[2]), 2 missions, and 1 temple in North Carolina.[3]


North Carolina was originally part of the Southern States Mission when it was created on December 15, 1896. It then became part of the East Central States Mission on December 9, 1928. On October 26, 1947, it became part of the Central Atlantic States Mission. The mission was then renamed the North Carolina-Virginia Mission on June 10, 1970.

The North Carolina Mission was organized on July 18, 1973. It was renamed the North Carolina Greensboro Mission on June 20, 1974. On July 1, 1980, the mission split moving the mission office to Charlotte. The North Carolina Charlotte and the North Carolina Raleigh Missions were the result of the split.

Mormons in North Carolina often call each other Latter-day Tarheels.

Membership history[edit]

Year LDS Membership
1894 128
1930 2,725
1980 29,512
1990 45,960
1999 56,261
2008 74,185


On December 18, 1999 the Raleigh North Carolina Temple was dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley.


68. Raleigh North Carolina edit


Apex, North Carolina, US
3 September 1998
18 December 1999 by Gordon B. Hinckley
35°43′55.59960″N 78°51′41.55120″W / 35.7321110000°N 78.8615420000°W / 35.7321110000; -78.8615420000 (Raleigh North Carolina Temple)
10,700 sq ft (990 m2) and 71 ft (22 m) high on a 12 acre (4.9 ha) site
Classic modern, single-spire design - designed by Dan Dills


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