The City's Edge

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The City's Edge
Directed by Ken Quinnell
Produced by Pom Oliver
Errol Sullivan
Written by Ken Quinnell
Bob Merritt
Based on novel The Running Man by W. A. Harbinson
Starring Tommy Lewis
Hugo Weaving
Katrina Foster
Mark Lee
CB Films Production
Release date
Running time
86 mins
Country Australia
Language English

The City's Edge is a 1983 Australian film co-written by aboriginal playwright Bob Merritt.[1]


Andy comes to Sydney and falls in love with the sister of a heroin addict.


The film was originally entitled Running Man and was never released theatrically in Australia although it was in the UK.[2]

Merritt later claimed he preferred to "write off" the experience but says it gave him the track record to make Short Changed (1985).[3]


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