The City Beneath

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The City Beneath
Tcb sketch.jpg
A sketch of The City Beneath cover by Erik Hermansen
Developer(s) Caravel Games
Publisher(s) Caravel Games
Designer(s) Erik Hermansen

PC - Windows,

Linux, Mac OS X
Release April 1, 2007
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player, Editor

The City Beneath is the third computer puzzle game in Deadly Rooms of Death series published by Caravel Games. It was released on 1 April 2007, exactly two years after its predecessor, Journey to Rooted Hold. Linux and Mac OS X versions were immediately available along with the main Windows version.


The story picks up roughly a year after Journey to Rooted Hold ended, with Beethro arriving at the mysterious Rooted Hold and exploring an underground city of the Empire in search of his lost nephew, Halph. Soon, Beethro discovers a sinister plot concerning all the people above, so finding Halph and convincing him to return home becomes a second priority. It is up to Beethro to foil the Empire's plans and discover its most guarded secrets.


Besides the same mechanics and features used from the previous two games, this game has various moments where Beethro will have to travel and overcome obstacles momentarily without the use of his sword and find alternate means to slay monsters, clear rooms and hit orbs to trigger doors. The levels are not spread out in a linear fashion, so Beethro needs to cross the underground city every time to access a newly unlocked level. In some parts of the game, the player can play the role of other characters. In addition the game features two new potions, several new monsters and traps and impassible water.

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