The City of Lost Souls

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The City of Lost Souls
Directed by Takashi Miike
Music by Kōji Endō
Cinematography Naosuke Imaizumi
Edited by Yasushi Shimamura
Release date
Running time
102 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Budget ¥2,000,000

The City of Lost Souls (Kanji: 漂流街, Hyôryû-gai, also known as The City of Strangers and The Hazard City) is a 2000 Japanese film directed by Takashi Miike.


Japanese-Brazilian Mario and girlfriend Kei are about to leave Japan for Australia with the aid of their fake passports but the Chinese mafia boss Ko has his eyes set on Kei and is not going to lose her in any way so he sends Riku to stop them. Another mafia member, Fushimi, holds Mario's former lover's foster daughter hostage so Mario returns to Tokyo to save her.


Other credits[edit]

  • Writing credits:
  • Produced by:
    • Kazunari Hashiguchi - producer
    • Toshiki Kimura - producer
    • Yasuyoshi Tokuma - executive producer
    • Tsutomu Tsuchikawa - planner: Daiei
    • Hiroshi Yamamoto - producer
  • Casting: Donna Brower
  • Production Design: Akira Ishige
  • Art Direction: Reiko Kobayashi
  • Assistant Director: Masato Tanno
  • US set decorator: Isabelle Stamper
  • Sound Department: Kenji Shibazaki - sound

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