The Cizek Model One

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The Cizek Model One (first edition).
The Cizek Model One (a refurbished model).

The Cizek Model One[1] was the first HIFI product of CIZEK Audio System, a two-way bookshelf loudspeaker system which gave a certain notoriety to Roy Cizek, founder of the company.

This product was important because it was the first loudspeaker system which, due to its particular crossover,[2] showed a flat impedance curve (except for the resonance peak) with a consequent easier work for the amplifier and linear frequency response.

Another peculiarity of the Cizek One was a switch that permitted selection of the Q factor of the bass frequencies; thus, the listener could choose a more or less controlled bass depending on the kind of music or ambient acoustic characteristics.[3] The Cizek Model One became the most successful product of the Company since 1976, first year of production.

Roy Cizek personally controlled all the "Model One" produced, so that they fell within the stringent standards set by him. Being blind, he could not see the measurement, but used a special trick: he placed both the index and middle fingers so that the needle readout instrument should touch his fingers, and so the margin of tolerance were established. If the needle touched the speaker was discarded.[4]

In the next years Cizek Audio System produced another interesting system composed by 2 standard speakers systems with one (stereo) or two (momophonic) additional subwoofers (respectively the Cizek Model 3 + MG27 system and the Classic 20 system, composed of two satellites (KA1) plus one subwoofer (KA20); These two systems were considered between the better HIFI speaker system in the world in the reviews of the italian magazines Suono and Stereoplay.[5][6]

The MG 27 sub-woofer system together with 2 Quad electrostatic speakers is considered a milestone and used for comparison of modern speakers at the magazine Stereophile.[7]