The Clambakes Series Vol. 2

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The Clambakes Series Vol. 2
The Clambakes Series Vol. 2.jpg
Studio album by Superchunk
Released 2002
Genre Alternative, indie rock
Label Merge Records
Producer Superchunk
Superchunk chronology
The Clambakes Series Vol. 1
(2002)The Clambakes Series Vol. 12002
The Clambakes Series Vol. 2
Cup of Sand
(2003)Cup of Sand2003

The Clambakes Series Volume 2 is the second of three limited edition Live albums by Superchunk known as the Clambakes series. Released in 2002 The Clambakes Series Volume 2 (limited to 2,500 copies) is a film score that Superchunk was commissioned to write. It was recorded live at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, April 23, 2002 during the San Francisco International Film Festival at a showing of Teinosuke Kinugasa's 1926 film A Page of Madness.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro/Titles"
  2. "Rainy Nights & Dancers"
  3. "Page of Madness Theme"
  4. "A Pretty Page"
  5. "Madness Montage"
  6. "Don't Look Back"
  7. "Wives and Daughters"
  8. "Briefly Calm"
  9. "Riot #2"
  10. "Daydreaming an Escape / Mask March"
  11. "Mopping Up"