The Clan Corporate

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The Clan Corporate
Author Charles Stross
Cover artist Paul Youll
Country United States
Language English
Series The Merchant Princes
Genre Alternate history, Science Fiction
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date
May 16, 2006
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 320 pp
ISBN 0-7653-0930-0
OCLC 62393136
813/.6 22
LC Class PR6119.T79 C63 2006
Preceded by The Hidden Family
Followed by The Merchants' War

The Clan Corporate is the third book of Charles Stross' alternate history, science fiction series The Merchant Princes. It is the first part of the series' second story.


In this installment, Miriam Beckstein spends most of her time in the first parallel world, a virtual prisoner. She has ruffled enough feathers and stirred up enough trouble that her uncle, the clan's head of security, keeps her well isolated, and unable to travel unchaperoned. At one point in the story, she manages to escape surveillance for a short time, but she quickly gets herself back in trouble, and her activities are strongly circumscribed thereafter.

There's a subplot involving Mike Fleming, a cop who dated Miriam a couple of times. Mike has been pulled into a government task force that is investigating the clan's activities and plans with the help of a member of the clan's security apparatus who turned his back on the clan at the end of book two. There are occasional references to the moral and security implications of holding him prisoner outside the criminal justice system, but they are not explored in any depth.


Along with the first two novels of the series, The Clan Corporate won the 2006 Sidewise Award for Alternate History.[1]



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