The Classic Guide to Strategy

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The Classic Guide to Strategy
Compilation album by John Zorn
Released 1983 (Vol. 1) & 1985 (Vol. 2), 1996 (Compilation)
Recorded February 27, 1983 (Vol. 1), July 30 & September 9, 1985
Genre Avant-garde
Length 77:57
Label Lumina, Tzadik
Producer John Zorn
John Zorn chronology
The Classic Guide to Strategy
Ganryu Island
Original Volume 2 Cover

The Classic Guide to Strategy is a compilation album by John Zorn featuring his two early solo records The Classic Guide to Strategy Volume One (1983), (tracks 1-2) and the Classic Guide to Strategy Volume Two (1985), (tracks 3-8).[1] The albums were first released on vinyl on Lumina Records in and later re-released on Tzadik Records in 1996 as a single CD. The second track is inspired by the work of Carl Stalling and tracks 3-8 are named after avant-garde Japanese artists. The Classic Guide to Strategy Volume Two also contained the track "Yano Akiko" (5:20) which does not appear on the CD re-release.

The cover art from Volumes One and Two are the kanji characters for "earth" and "water", respectively, which relate to the first volumes of The Book of Five Rings written by Miyamoto Musashi.

Zorn released a third volume of The Classic Guide to Strategy as part of his Birthday Celebration Series subtitled The Fire Book.[2]


The Allmusic review by Stacia Proefrock states "when a line is drawn through Zorn's previous work, it ends up here -- the playfulness of sound, the variety of textures, the use of silence and space as part of the composition -- if the listener approaches this album expecting to find musical genius, he or she will not have to look too far".[3]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Part 1" aka "Senki (War Spirit)" - 19:36
  2. "Part 2 (Cartoon Music)" aka "The Moon In The Cold Stream Like A Mirror" - 19:32
  3. "Aoyanian Michi" - 11:15
  4. "Enoken" - 3:21
  5. "Katsumi Shigeru" - 6:34
  6. "Kondo Toshinori" - 6:04
  7. "Togawa Jun" - 8:54
  8. "Mori Ikue" - 2:38
All compositions by John Zorn
  • Recorded at the OAO Studio in Brooklyn, New York on February 27, 1983 (tracks 1 & 2), and at Radio City Studios, New York City on July 30, 1985 (tracks 3-5) and September 19, 1985 (tracks 6-8)



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