The Clicking of Cuthbert

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First edition (UK)

The Clicking of Cuthbert is a collection of ten short stories by P. G. Wodehouse, all with a golfing theme. It was first published in the United Kingdom on 3 February 1922 by Herbert Jenkins Ltd of London. It was later published in the United States by George H. Doran of New York on 28 May 1924 under the title Golf Without Tears.[1]

There are some slight differences between the two editions, chiefly as regards the names of places and golfers, which were adapted to suit the country of publication.

The first story in the collection introduces the Oldest Member, a repeat Wodehouse character, who narrates all but the last story.

The last known first edition copy in existence of The Clicking of Cuthbert is believed to have been acquired by Colin Salmon, politician in Alderney, Channel Islands.

Film adaptations[edit]

Three stories in the collection—"The Clicking of Cuthbert," "Ordeal by Golf," and "The Long Hole"—were filmed in 1924 as part of a series of six films of Wodehouse golf stories. Peter Haddon played Cuthbert.


The titles of the stories and their original publication dates are as follows:

  • "The Clicking of Cuthbert"
    • UK: Strand, October 1921 (as "The Unexpected Clicking of Cuthbert")
    • US: Elk's Magazine, July 1922 (as "Cuthbert Unexpectedly Clicks")
  • "A Woman is Only a Woman"
  • "A Mixed Threesome"
    • UK: Strand, March 1921
    • US: McClure's, June 1920
  • "Sundered Hearts"
    • UK: Strand, December 1920
    • US: McClure's, December 1920
  • "The Salvation of George Mackintosh"
    • UK: Strand, June 1921
    • US: McClure's, September 1921
  • "Ordeal by Golf"
    • UK: Strand, February 1920 (as "A Kink in His Character")
    • US: Collier's, 6 December 1919
  • "The Long Hole"
    • UK: Strand, August 1921
    • US: McClure's, March 1922
  • "The Heel of Achilles"
  • "The Rough Stuff"
    • UK: Strand, April 1921
    • US: Chicago Tribune, 10 October 1920
  • "The Coming of Gowf"
    • UK: Strand, May 1921
    • US: McClure's, June–July 1921

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