The Clik Clik

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The Clik Clik
Origin Fulham, London
Years active 2007–2008
Labels Friends vs Records
Associated acts The Midnight Beast, Hadouken!
Members Stefan Abingdon
Maya Yianni
Henry Bauckham
Dru Wakely

The Clik Clik were a British band known for releasing a series of songs that became critically acclaimed for being a 'contagious blend of ‘wonky pop’, indie, hip-hop and electro'.[1] The band, originally a duo of Abingdon and Yianni, toured with bands such as Hadouken! while headling acts such as Ibiza Rocks[2] and received regular airtime on British indie music radio stations.


The Clik Clik formed in 2007 as a duo of Stefan Abingdon (guitar & vocals) and Maya Yianni (keyboard & vocals). They received much airtime and 'destroyed dance floors from Barnsley to Brighton' with their debut single My Dunks, a song about a man who cares too much for his Nike shoes, written after Abingdon witnessed 'a kid on the way to school lavishing the sort of care and attention on his Nikes normally reserved for pets'.[3] In 2008 supporting musicians from the single officially joined the band, with Henry Bauckham (bass) and Dru Wakely (drums) becoming additional members.[4] A follow up single, Did You Wrong, was also released to positive reception.[5] The single was released on 7" vinyl, backed with a remix by popular British musician Frankmusik. Following a break in music release, the band released a statement in late 2008 announcing their split.[6] Since then, Abingdon and Wakely have had success with their comedy band The Midnight Beast, with Yianni recording and releasing solo music to support her live acts under the name 'Little Liar'.[7]



Year Single details
2007 My Dunks
  • Released: 17 December 2007[8]
  • Label: Friends vs Records
  • Format: 7" single, digital download
2008 Did You Wrong
  • Released: June 2008
  • Label: Friends vs Records
  • Format: 7" single, digital download


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