The Climbers (1915 film)

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The Climbers
The Climbers 1916 newspaperad.jpg
Contemporary advertisement for the film and an opening juggling act
Directed by Barry O'Neill
Produced by Sigmund Lubin
Written by Clay M. Greene (scenario)
Based on The Climbers
by Clyde Fitch
Starring Gladys Hanson
Cinematography Fred Chaston
Distributed by V-L-S-E Incorporated
Release date
  • August 2, 1915 (1915-08-02)
Running time
5 reels
Country USA
Language Silent

The Climbers is a lost 1915 silent film produced by the Lubin Manufacturing Company and starring Gladys Hanson.[1] This film is the first filming of Clyde Fitch's play of the same name.[2][3][4] Later versions of Fitch's play were made in 1919 as The Climbers with Corinne Griffith and in 1927 also as The Climbers with Irene Rich.


  • Gladys Hanson - Blanche Sterling
  • Walter Hitchcock - Dick Sterling
  • Dorothy DeWolfe - Richard Sterling Jr
  • Charles Brandt - John Hunter
  • George Soule Spencer - Ned Warden
  • Eleanor Barry - Mrs. Hunter
  • Ruth Bryan - Clara Hunter
  • Frankie Mann - Jessie Hunter
  • Edith Ritchie - Ruth Hunter
  • Clarence Elmer - Mr. Trotter (*Clarence Jay Elmer)
  • John Smiley - Dr. Steinhart
  • Peter Lang - Mr. Mason
  • Alan Quinn - Mr. Godesby
  • Ferdinand Tidmarsh - Mr. Walton
  • Walter Law - Mr. Ryder


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