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The Clockwork Flowers are a British psychedelic pop duo currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Winners of Gaijin Sounds,[1] a national music contest, in 2009, the band is a now a regular act on the live music scene in Japan, and most notable for featuring in the two major events for foreign musicians in 2009, Gaijin Sounds Live and Japan Music Week.


The duo were formed in Dharamsala, India in 2005 by John Bliss (aka Zoulou) and Anthea Bliss after they moved to the Himalayas from London in the mid 1990s. They spent a decade meditating on God and Void equally and finally realized that 'Life means nothing (for them) without Music and Art'. Hence the Clockwork Flowers were born in order to express and share their ideas, feelings and experiences.[2]

Japan 2007~2010[edit]

John and Anthea, as the Clockwork Flowers, returned to the world in the late 2007 by arriving in Tokyo. Since then, the Clockwork Flowers have been playing extensively in Tokyo's international music scene, as well as Fukuoka and Osaka. In 2009, they made Japanzine's Gaijin Sounds Top 10 and performed for the first Gaijin Sounds Live both in Osaka and Tokyo.

Reviews and awards[edit]

Their Beatles tribute album Flashback received a favourable review in Japanzine, with editor Jonti Davies describing it as "a marvel".[3] However, it was the original songwriting of John Bliss that resulted in success in Gaijin Sounds.

"There's an odd, kinetic breeziness throughout "Autumn Afternoon", and lead singer John Bliss delivers his unpredictable, brilliant lines on an even weirder level of otherworldliness than was achieved by Lennon when, during his solo period, he infamously demanded of producers that they excessively alter his voice with effects".[4]


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