The Coastline

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This entry describes a film. For information on the geographic feature 'coastline', please see coast.
The Coastline
Directed by Peter Greenaway
Release dates
Language English

The Coastline is a film by Peter Greenaway, made in 1983. Also known as The Sea in Their Blood, and exhibited at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, as Beside the Sea. It is a mockumentary or "artificial documentary", featuring images of the British seaside and voiceovers of endless dubious statistics. For example: "Most fish is eaten in Britain fried in batter and breadcrumbs. 10 percent is boiled, 5 percent grilled, 3 percent is steamed. Very little is eaten raw except by cats and in Japanese restaurants, 29 in London and 1 in Milton Keynes."


Produced by Annabel Olivier Wright

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