The Cold Summer of 1953

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The Cold Summer of 1953
The Cold Summer of 1953.png
Original film poster
Directed by Aleksandr Proshkin
Written by Edgar Dubrovsky
Starring Valeriy Priyomykhov
Anatoli Papanov
Viktor Stepanov
Nina Usatova
Music by Vladimir Martynov
Cinematography Boris Brozhovsky
Release date
Running time
97 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

The Cold Summer of 1953[1] (Russian: Холодное лето пятьдесят третьего…, translit. Kholodnoe leto pyatdesyat tretego[2]) is a 1988 Soviet crime film directed by Aleksandr Proshkin. It was the last film of the outstanding Russian actor Anatoly Papanov.


Summer 1953. After Stalin's death, one of his closest colleagues Lavrenty Beria announces amnesty. As a result of that, many dangerous criminals, murderers and robbers are freed from labor camps. They organise gangs and begin to rob, kill and rape.

In a small village in the north of Russia live two exiles: former military intelligence captain Sergei Basargin and former engineer Nikolai Pavlovich Starobogatov. Both are innocent, but unjustly repressed by Stalin's regime.

The village is attacked by a gang of criminals. The bandits kill the only policeman in the village and capture the entire local population hostage. To save the innocent people the former military officer and the former engineer take up arms.



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