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The College at Southeastern
Established 1994
Type Private
Affiliation Southern Baptist Convention
Dean Jamie K. Dew
Location Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA

The College at Southeastern (abbreviated "C@SE") is a Christian liberal arts college located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Established in 1994, it serves as the undergraduate school for Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.[1] Both of the Southeastern schools are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.[2]


Both of the Southeastern schools are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. The college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The College at Southeastern combines the best of a liberal arts college education with substantial biblical and theological training.

The mission of the college is to "to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission."

At Southeastern, every classroom is a Great Commission classroom. While Southeastern equips young men for pastoral ministry, the college also equips missionaries, counselors, teachers, youth pastors and others who spread the Gospel across the street and around the world.

Approximately 500 Southeastern college and seminary students and graduates currently serve as foreign missionaries, the vast majority through the International Mission Board. Dozens of graduates serve as North American church planters in urban centers such as Boston, Chicago, Tampa, Atlanta, Richmond and Nashville, as well as underserved rural areas in the Midwest and New England.

Hundreds of Southeastern students from the college and seminary participate annually in short-term mission trips sponsored by the seminary or local churches. Numerous Southeastern professors regularly lead mission trips or teach short-term in overseas settings.

Enrollment is currently approximately 3,250 students including the College at Southeastern and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Students come from 49 states and are citizens of 33 countries. The College’s current enrollment is approximately 650 students.

Student diversity continues to be a priority to make the institution stronger as a part of the Southeastern Kingdom Diversity initiative.

The College at Southeastern tuition continues to be highly competitive and affordable for a private college education with a typical class size consisting of 10 to 20 students. The college consistently experiences a high employment rate of students after graduation.


The College at Southeastern offers an education that is undergirded and shaped by the biblical narrative. Students study and interact with a world that was created good by God, fragmented and distorted by sin, redeemed by Christ and will one day be fully under his reign. The college experience at Southeastern is not just informative, it is transformative.

SEBTS desires to develop five Core Competencies in its students: Spiritual Formation, Biblical Exposition, Theological Integration, Christian Leadership and Ministry Preparation. The curriculum changes are designed to develop these competencies in every Southeastern graduate.

The curriculum emphasizes the socio-cultural contexts in which we live and the need for Christians to live faithfully and thoughtfully within those contexts. Southeastern seeks to learn from Christians present and past, engage in issues in the academy and the public square and encourage students toward passionate service.

Students can select one of 10 majors and 15 minors and are equipped to employ their Christian worldview in whatever vocation God has called them to serve. Students pursuing a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree will complete a core curriculum, which includes vital training in biblical studies, Christian worldview, world history, theology and English. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program complete a minor in Christian studies in addition to their selected major. C@SE also offers a small variety of Associate degree programs and certificate programs.

Majors [3]

  • Biblical Studies
  • English
  • Global Studies
  • History
  • History (Pre-Law)
  • Humanities
  • Philosophy
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Theology
  • Worship Ministry
  • Justice and Social Ethics


  • Apologetics
  • Biblical Studies
  • Business
  • English
  • ESL
  • Global Studies
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Justice and Social Ethics
  • Missions
  • Music
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Preaching
  • Psychology
  • Student Ministry
  • Theology
  • Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication

Hunt Scholars Program[5] Students preparing for the pastorate at Southeastern now have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity in five years through the Hunt Scholars Program.


Student Life [6] A welcoming community includes activities such as intramural sports, campus-wide cookouts, coffee houses and concerts.

Chapel Experience the heart of Southeastern, as staff, faculty and students gather together to worship through singing and preaching. Chapel services are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am. Distance learners, and any who wish to join, can view or access the live stream and archived chapel messages on the SEBTS website.

Conferences [7] In February 2005, Southeastern hosted its first annual conference, now called the GO Conference, an event that annually draws over 1000 college and seminary students.


Southeastern Seminary opened its doors in 1950 with a relative handful of students and a mandate to train ministers for churches all over the east coast of the United States. In the nearly sixty years since then the student body has grown considerably and its reach has expanded across the entire globe, but at heart Southeastern remains a place that trains Great Commission-minded ministers of the Gospel.

The College at Southeastern began in 1994.[8]

In an effort to accommodate the school’s increasing enrollment trustees approved construction of a new academic building at their October 2005 meeting. Since its completion in 2008, Paige and Dorothy Patterson Hall is now the flagship academic building on campus. Patterson Hall houses the Center for Faith and Culture, The College at Southeastern and the school’s doctoral programs.

The Southeastern Board of Trustees elected to change the name of the college from Southeastern College at Wake Forest to the College at Southeastern in April 2008.

In January 2009, Dr. Bruce R. Ashford was installed as dean of The College at Southeastern. He made several important changes during his first few month including new curriculum like minors in leadership and student ministry.

Dr. Jamie Dew succeeded Ashford’s visionary and foundational leadership in January 2013 as the dean of the college.

The College at Southeastern is marked by Ashford and Dew’s vision to give greater flexibility to students’ academic pursuits. The History of Ideas Program engages students to research and read classical works that have shaped history from a Christian perspective. New majors were added such as Global Studies, Missions, Pre-Law, History, Biblical Studies and Worship Ministry.


The faculty at Southeastern promises to teach in accordance with, and not contrary to, the Abstract of Principles and the Baptist Faith & Message. The school further affirms the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

The faculty members care deeply about their students and spend time investing in their lives both formally and informally. The school aims to see students become effective disciples of Christ.

Former Deans

  • Peter R. Schemm, Jr
  • Bruce Ashford

Notable Alumni

  • Jonathan McClelland

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