The Color Turning

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The Color Turning
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2002 - 2011
Labels Softdrive Records
Members Steve Scavo
David Del Fonzo
Jason Abraham
Garet Powell
Past members Sean Rodriguez
Ron McGill
Chris McLaughlin
Jordan Harkins
Rob Dean

The Color Turning is an American indie rock band from Los Angeles, California, signed to Scott Weiland's Softdrive Records. The current lineup consists of Steve Scavo (vocals/guitar), David Del Fonzo (guitar/piano), Jason Abraham (bass), and Garet Powell (drums). They released one full length album, "Good Hands Bad Blood" (2009), and three EP, "Our Currency Is Time" (2002), "Antidote" (2005), and "Me Versus Me" (2009).


'Our Currency Is Time (2002)' and 'Antidote (2005)' EPs[edit]

The band's first EP, 'Our Currency Is Time', released in mid-2002, was met with great critical and listener response.[1] Playing small cafe shows and to larger crowds in the parking lot of the Vans Warped Tour, they built up a local and internet following.[2] After the 2005 release of their "Antidote" EP, Softdrive Record's Scott Weiland invited them to his Burbank studio.

'Good Hands Bad Blood LP (2009)'[edit]

Emotional Punk listed The Color Turning's "Good Hands Bad Blood" as one of the "Most Anticipated Albums of 2009".[3] The album was produced by Scott Weiland's business partner, guitarist, and Softdrive Records VP Doug Grean. "Good Hands Bad Blood" was initially slotted for a June release date, but was rescheduled for an August 4, 2009 release. To hold fans over until the delayed release date, the band released their third EP, "Me Versus Me", in late spring 2009, which included 3 songs, their first single "Me Versus Me" and two B-Sides from the LP recording sessions.[4] The band then toured the western United States in the time leading up to the launch of the album, culminating in a CD release show on August 6, 2009. So far, the release has netted positive response from critics and fans alike.[5][6] The debut full length contains 11 tracks, with the digital release adding a bonus track, "Passenger".[7]

Musical Style and Influences[edit]

The Color Turning cites their influences as Radiohead, Mogwai, and Sunny Day Real Estate,.[8]

Band members[edit]

Final Lineup[edit]

  • Steve Scavo - vocals / guitar / Rhodes (2001–2011)
  • David Del Fonzo - guitar / keys (2003–2011)
  • Jason Abraham - bass / guitar / vocals / glockenspiel (2001–2011)
  • Garet Powell - drums / percussion (2004–2011)


  • Sean Rodriguez - guitar / Rhodes / theremin / vocals (2001–2009)
  • Jordan Harkins - guitar (2004)
  • Ron McGill - drums / percussion (2001–2004)
  • Chris McLaughlin - guitar (2001–2003)
  • Rob Dean - drums / percussion (2004)


Studio albums[edit]

  • Good Hands Bad Blood (2009)


  • Split 7" with Ithaca (2002)
  • Our Currency Is Time EP (2002)
  • Antidote EP (2005)
  • Me Versus Me EP (2009)