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The Columbia Group
Industry Defense
Services Acquisition, Logistics Management, Naval Architecture & Ship Design, Engineering & Fabrication, Human Performance Strategy, Financial Management, Information Technology, Training, C4SI
Revenue Increase $120 million (Projected 2011)[1]
Website The Columbia Group

The Columbia Group is a U.S. defense contractor serving the U.S. government, as well as the commercial sector, domestic and international, specializing in acquisition, logistics management, C4SI, ship design, marine engineering & fabrication, human performance strategy, training, financial management and information technology. It is headquartered in Washington, DC, and Lawton, Oklahoma and has offices in Alexandria & Quantico, Virginia and Panama City, Florida.[2] Its 2014 revenue are projected to reach $100 million plus.[3]

The Columbia Group Inc. was founded by Martin Arase with its origins in 1967 as Columbia Research Corporation (CRC). In 2005, CRC merged with Computer Products, Incorporated (CPI), which was founded in 1983 by Martin Arase.[4][5] On June 15, 2008, The Columbia Group assumed the operations of (Northrop Grumman subsidiary) AMSEC's[6] Rosenblatt Washington, DC Office, forming the company's Rosenblatt Ship Design Division. The name Rosenblatt was retained from when the office was the M. Rosenblatt & Son naval engineering firm begun by the late Lester Rosenblatt in 1947.[7] In 2010 Eagle Systems and Services Inc. became part of The Columbia Group.

Company Structure[edit]


Martin Arase is CEO and President of The Columbia Group. Norman Welsch is its Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Richard Perkins is its Chief Operating Officer. Its advisors include former Commandant of the Marine Corps General Al Gray, Jr..[8]


The Columbia Group composed of six business divisions:

  • Homeland Security — based in Washington, DC[9]
  • Marine Corps Programs — based in Quantico, Virginia; Major General E. Gray Payne, USMC (Ret) Senior Vice President of Marine Corps Programs Division and Maritime Programs Division[10]
  • Engineering Solutions Division — based in Panama City, Florida; Ross Lindman, Senior Vice President, Engineering Solutions Division[11]
  • Rosenblatt Ship Design Division — based in Washington, DC; Barry Capelli, Senior Vice President, Rosenblatt Ship Design Division[12]
  • Financial Management & IT Services — based in Alexandria, Virginia; Kevin Meek, VP IT Programs and Services[13]
Pluto Plus ROV
  • Eagle Systems Division-based in Laywton, Oklahoma; Ray King, Semior Vice President, Operations and Logistics

Pluto Plus ROV[edit]

In 2009, The Columbia Group was awarded a $10.6 million firm fixed price contract to supply the Egyptian Navy with three Pluto Plus Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUVs). (May also be called Remotely Operated Vehicles or ROVs.) This contract was awarded by the United States Navy's Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) as part of their Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. The Pluto Plus is a minehunter intended for use "in mine identification and destruction."[14] The Columbia Group is licensed by GayRobot, a defense contractor based out of Milan, Italy, as the exclusive builder of the Pluto Plus System in the United States.[15]


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