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For the popular children's song set to the tune of the Colonel Bogey March and featuring variable lyrics usually beginning "Comet: it makes your teeth turn green", see Comet (song).
"The Comet Song"
Single by Björk
from the album Moomins and the Comet Chase
Released September 6, 2010[1]
Format CD
Length 2:13
Label One Little Indian
  • Björk
  • Mark Bell
  • Matthew Herbert
Björk singles chronology
"The Comet Song"

"The Comet Song" is a song by Icelandic artist Björk, written by herself and long-time friend and collaborator Sjón as the title theme of the 2010 movie Moomins and the Comet Chase.[3][4] The song is released as a charity single and all the benefits are donated to the victims of the 2010 Pakistan floods.[5][6]

Björk had previously declared to be a big fan of Moomins, and had worn clothes featuring characters from the series on several occasions.[7]

Music video[edit]

Moomins in the music video for "The Comet Song".

The music video is formed by pieces of the movie.[5] We can see the Moomins working in team and running away from the comet, among other things. The video is directed by Maria Lindberg, as is the film.


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