The Committee (film)

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The Committee
Directed by Peter Sykes
Produced by Max Steur
Written by Max Steur
Peter Sykes
Starring Paul Jones
Music by Pink Floyd
Running time
58 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
The Committee
Soundtrack album by Pink Floyd
Released Unreleased
Recorded 1968
Genre Psychedelic rock
Length 15:45 (total time of all excerpts)
Pink Floyd soundtracks chronology
San Francisco
The Committee
Tonite Lets All Make Love in London

The Committee is a 1968 British independent Black-and-white film noir film. It featured original music by Pink Floyd as well as Arthur Brown's song Nightmare.


The movie follows a man (Paul Jones) who is unnamed. The movie starts out with the central character in a car with a man (Tom Kempinski) who just picked him up. The victim talks to him, but he's uninterested. The victim decides to pull over because he doesn't like the sound of the engine. While he's looking under the hood of the car the central character slams the hood down on him, decapitating him in the process. The central character eventually sews the head back on, and the victim wakes up. The central character tells him he doesn't want to drive anymore that day and to leave without him.

A few years later the central character is called on to be part of a committee, groups that supposedly keep the system running but really don't do much of anything. He feels paranoid that the committee was called on account of him, and runs into the victim while there, who doesn't seem to remember him.

The central character talks about this with a man listed as 'The committee director' (Robert Langdon Lloyd) in the credits. This conversation lasts for the duration of the movie, and features most of the music Pink Floyd wrote for the film.



  • 1. The Committee (Part 1 backwards version) - 0:36
  • 2. The Committee (Part 1) - 0:36
  • 3. The Committee (Part 2) - 1:09
  • 4. The Committee (Part 3) - 2:56
  • 5. The Committee (Part 4) - 1:24
  • 6. The Committee (Part 5) - 2:06
  • 7. The Committee (Part 6) - 0:50
  • 8. The Committee (Part 7) - 2:38
  • 9. The Committee (Part 8) - 3:30

Titles taken from A Tree Full of Secrets bootleg. The Committee (Part 1 backwards version) is the original recording, which was reversed for the film. The Committee (Part 7) is an early recording of Careful with That Axe, Eugene.

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