The Commons Restaurant

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The Commons Restaurant
Restaurant information
Established 1989
Closed 2003
Food type Irish & French
Street address St. Stephen's Green
City Dublin
Country Ireland

The Commons Restaurant was a restaurant located in the historic Newman House on St. Stephen's Green in Dublin, Ireland.[1] It was owned by Michael Fitzgerald.[2]

It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in each year in the period 1994-1997. The Michelin star was again awarded in 2002, but lost in 2003 due to the chef leaving.[3][4] The restaurant later reopened on a more modest level.

Head chef of The Commons Restaurant during the last "Michelin period" was Aiden Byrne. The headchefs Gerry Kirwan (1994), Michael Bolster (1995) and Leslie Malone (1996 & 1997) took care of the first period. Last chef in this period was Sébastien Masi, but he, just aged 22, could not retain the star.[5]

Shortly after losing the star the restaurant run into financial difficulties and closed down.[6] Dylan McGrath worked under Aiden Byrne as souschef.[7]

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