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The Complete Control Sessions is a series of live recordings by SideOneDummy Records. The series, which the label compares to Peel Sessions,[1] features live recordings by various punk bands released digitally and on vinyl.[2] The artwork for each release is done by El Jefe Designs.[3] Although the first official release in the series is by The Bouncing Souls in April 2011, the label previously released a live EP by Flogging Molly with the title Complete Control Sessions in March 2007.

The series is a spin-off of Complete Control Radio, a weekly radio show hosted by Joe Sib, co-founder of SideOneDummy.[4]


# Band Title Release date
N/A Flogging Molly Complete Control Sessions March 13, 2007
1 The Bouncing Souls Complete Control Recording Sessions April 12, 2011
2 Scream Complete Control Recording Sessions August 16, 2011[5]
3 Anti-Flag Complete Control Recording Sessions September 27, 2011[6]
4 Smoking Popes Complete Control Recording Sessions May 1, 2012[7]
5 Samiam Complete Control Recording Sessions October 23, 2012[8]


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