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The Complete Master Works
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ReleasedNovember 4, 2003
LabelSony Music
Tenacious D chronology
The Complete Master Works
The Complete Master Works 2
Back cover
The back cover showing the pick.
The back cover showing the pick.

The Complete Master Works is a two-DVD set by Tenacious D, documenting their gig at the Brixton Academy on November 3, 2002. The DVD also contains the band's short lived HBO TV series, a collection of short films, two documentaries on the band, music videos, and live TV appearances. The video was a major success, going 6× platinum in the US and 2× platinum in Australia in the Video Longform category. The disc's cover features band members Jack Black and Kyle Gass in Baroque era costume, complete with powdered wigs, a violin and harpsichord.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars link
Uncut link4/5 stars
Entertainment Weeklylink (A−)


===Disc one: For Fans===Jack Black and Kyle Gass, except where noted.

  1. "Program Start"
  2. "Flash" (Brian May)
  3. "Wonderboy"
  4. "Explosivo"
  5. "Medley"
  6. "Karate"
  7. "Kyle Quit the Band"
  8. "Friendship"
  9. "Kielbasa"
  10. "Dio"
  11. "The Road"
  12. "The Cosmic Shame"
  13. "Fuck Her Gently"
  14. "Tribute"
  15. "Rock Your Socks"
  16. "Double Team"

HBO episodes[edit]

  • "Search for Inspirado"

In this episode the D has to write a new song before their next appearance at the Open-mic Bar. After days of procrastinating they are still unable to write a song, this causes Jack to get angry and yell at Kyle. Kyle gets tired of Jack's attitude and quits the band, Jack becomes upset and breaks down, the band gets back together a week later, and they become inspired to write the song, "Kyle Quit the Band".

  • "Angel in Disguise"

In this episode Jack falls in love with a girl named Florna, he tells Kyle how he's incredibly attracted to her because of her interest in Satan, the fact that she has her spine pierced, and because she likes to clog dance. Jack then tells Kyle that his relationship with Florna will never affect their friendship in any way and gives Kyle a Best Friends Forever medallion symbolizing their unbreakable friendship. Kyle then becomes attracted to Florna too due to Jack's descriptions of her. When Jack finds out he becomes angry and karate kicks Kyle. As the two fight they fail to notice a robber go into Captain Ed's Records, where Florna works. The robber exits the store with Florna at gunpoint and Jack demands her release. The robber attempts to shoot Jack but just as he pulls the trigger Kyle jumps in the way shielding Jack from harm. Jack mourns over Kyle believing he is dead, but Kyle then reveals himself to be alive due to the friendship medallion that he was still wearing which actually shielded him from the bullet.

  • "Death of a Dream"

In this episode The D meets a veteran rocker at Captain Eds Records. He tells them of his wild experiences on the road with the many bands he has toured with, he then explains to them that the rock star life will get them nowhere, just like if you believe in the Easter Bunny or the Sasquatch, and that they will soon end up a failure just like him. They don't believe what he tells them and they continue to try to keep their rock star dream alive, but they soon realize that their dream has truly died. They go into the forest to burn their band merchandise when they are approached by Sasquatch. They realized that Captain Ed had been wrong about everything and that there is still hope for The D.

  • "The Greatest Song in the World"

In this episode Jack and Kyle get a new neighbor. As they commence their pre-show rituals they make too much noise and disturb their neighbor who is trying to concentrate on his writing. He calls the police to complain about the noise so The D tells the police officer their side of the story, in song. As the song ends the police officer says that he has heard enough. As he leaves he tells the man not to call them again unless he has a "good" reason to which he responds, "But I'm a writer!".

  • "The Fan"

In this episode The D meets their biggest fan, Lee. At first they think he is somewhat of a crazy obsessed fan, but when they spend time with him that night they realize how awesome it is.

  • "Road Gig"

Disc 2: For Psycho Fans Only[edit]

HBO short films[edit]

  • "JB's BJ"

This short sees Jack acting as a male prostitute, who unknowingly gives Kyle a blowjob, but they later realise who each other are, and Jack exclaims, "You don't have any money! Shit!" and then cuts to credits.

  • "Rock Star Sperm for Sale"

At the beginning, Jack and Kyle are seen to be masturbating into a cup. Later on, they sell it, with a sign indicating "Rock Star Sperm for Sale!". A man comes over and offers to buy, but the D turn him down, claiming "It's only for the ladies". However, this man explains that he is a collector of rock star sperm, so they let him buy the sperm. Another man then buys it, but when asked if he too is a collector, he says "no" and drinks the sperm. When asked why he drank it, he says, "Its good for your throat. It helps you sing better, like Rod Stewart." Within two seconds of leaving the stall, the man passes out. Kyle wants to see if what the man claims is true, so he drinks a cup. Then it shows the inside of his throat, with sperm cells, with Jack and Kyle's faces on them, singing.

  • "Butt Baby"

Jack and Kyle are in the middle of the desert, after taking LSD, naked apart from underwear. They want to create an LSD-inspired song, but before they can begin, Jack runs a few metres away, and starts tripping. At first, it is a good trip, but when Kyle calls his name, he becomes angry, claiming, "You cannot label my essence!". Kyle, thinking that they had some "bad LSD" checks the box of LSD. He finds that it isn't LSD at all, but rather a pregnancy test. He then claims that his test is positive, and goes into labour. Jack then delivers his baby, but it is unclear whether this is part of the trip or not.

Tenacious D documentaries[edit]

  • "Tenacious D in the Studio"
  • "Tenacious D on the Road Documentary"

Television appearances[edit]

Music videos[edit]

Easter Eggs[edit]

Jack Black's original artwork under the pseudonym of Jackalous McBlackelby[1]

In the second disc of the set, highlighting the "In The Studio" menu entry and pressing the LEFT arrow key on the remote control highlights a cactus. Pressing ENTER gives access to a TV commercial for The Osbournes.

Highlighting the menu entry called "TV Appearances" and pressing the RIGHT arrow key on the remote control highlights another cactus. It will give access to an alternate TV commercial for The Osbournes.

Highlighting the "Music Videos" menu entry and pressing the LEFT arrow key on the remote control, a skull will light up. Pressing ENTER will access a commercial for the Tenacious D album.


In order to promote the discs, Black and Gass staged a press conference at the Millennium hotel to announce a hunger strike.[2] The band intended to fast in a glass cage suspended above Times Square for 45 days, but in the end retired after 23 minutes.

In addition to this, prior to the DVD coming out, Tenacious D released Selections From The Double DVD The Complete Master Works Promo, which was sold in certain stores.[3]


  • On the back of the DVD, a green guitar pick labeled "The Pick" can be seen, which holds a strong resemblance to the Pick of Destiny, the main prop in Tenacious D's feature film. Kyle Gass mentioned on the Guitarings Facebook page when asked that it was included at the time when the film was in prior production to being filmed. The concept had been thought of earlier in the year.
  • David Cross, who wrote the Tenacious D TV episodes, appears as a comic dressed as a nun in "Angel in Disguise".[4]


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