The Complete Stone Roses

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The Complete Stone Roses
Greatest hits album by
Released15 May 1995
ProducerJohn Leckie, Peter Hook, Martin Hannett
The Stone Roses chronology
Second Coming
The Complete Stone Roses
Garage Flower
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[1]

The Complete Stone Roses is a compilation of singles and B-sides by English rock band The Stone Roses. It was released in 1995 without the band's input by their record company Silvertone, with whom they were embroiled in a protracted legal battle to terminate their five-year contract.

The album features an almost complete collection of the band's singles and B-sides for the label, as well as earlier releases for other labels.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Ian Brown and John Squire.

1."So Young" (Double A-side single with Tell Me, 1985)3:30
2."Tell Me" (Double A-side single with So Young, 1985)3:50
3."Sally Cinnamon" (Single, single mix, recorded 1987, this version released 1989)2:50
4."Here It Comes" (B-side from original Sally Cinnamon single, 1987)2:40
5."All Across the Sand" (B-side from original Sally Cinnamon single, 1987, incorrectly listed as All Across The Sands)2:40
6."Elephant Stone" (Single, 7" version, 1988)3:00
7."Full Fathom Five" (B-side from Elephant Stone, 1988)3:18
8."The Hardest Thing in the World" (B-side from Elephant Stone, 1988)2:39
9."Made of Stone" (Single, 1989)4:11
10."Going Down" (B-side from Made of Stone, 1989)2:46
11."She Bangs the Drums" (Single, 1989)3:42
12."Mersey Paradise" (B-side from She Bangs the Drums, 1989)2:44
13."Standing Here" (B-side from She Bangs the Drums, 1989)5:05
14."I Wanna Be Adored" (US single, edit, 1989)3:28
15."Waterfall" (Single, 7" version (remix), 1991)3:36
16."I Am the Resurrection" (Single, pan and scan radio version (remix), 1992)3:41
17."Where Angels Play" (B-side from I Wanna Be Adored UK single, recorded 1989, released 1991)4:15
18."Fools Gold" (Double A-side single with What The World Is Waiting For, 7" version (Fools Gold 4.15), 1989)4:15
19."What The World Is Waiting For" (Double A-side single with Fools Gold, 1989)3:55
20."Something's Burning" (B-side from One Love, edit, 1990, incorrectly listed as Something Burning)3:37
21."One Love" (Single, 7" version, 1990)3:40

Catalogue Numbers

  • 2LP: Silvertone ORE LP 535
  • Cassette: Silvertone ORE C 535
  • CD: Silvertone ORE CD 535

Bonus CD tracks[edit]

The first 60,000 copies of the CD came with a bonus disc featuring:

1."I Am Without Shoes"1:23
2."Groove (Black Magic Devil Woman)"3:26

Catalogue Number

  • 2CD: Silvertone ORE Z CD 535


The Stone Roses
  • Ian Brown – vocals
  • John Squire – guitar
  • Andy Couzens – guitar (tracks 1, 2)
  • Pete Garner – bass (tracks 1 - 5)
  • Mani – bass (tracks 6 - 21)
  • Reni – drums, backing vocals
  • Martin Hannett - producer (1, 2)
  • Chris Nagle, John Hurst - engineering (1, 2)
  • The Stone Roses - producer (3 - 5)
  • Peter Hook - producer (6 - 8)
  • John Leckie - producer (9, 11 - 21)
  • The Garage Flowers - producer (10, bonus disc)
  • Paul Schroeder - producer (10)
  • John Squire - painting
  • David Saunders - design
  • Paul Slattery - photography
  • John Harris - liner notes


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