The Complete Sussman Lawrence (1979–1985)

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The Complete Sussman Lawrence
(1979 - 1985)
Sussman cover.jpg
Compilation album by Sussman Lawrence
Released 2004
Recorded 1979-1985
Genre Pop, rock, new wave
Length 118:12
Label Deep Shag Records
Producer Sussman Lawrence, Michael McKern, Dale Goulett, Ritchie Cordell, Glen Kolotkin & Steve Greenberg

This is the 2004 2CD reissue on Deep Shag Records of Sussman Lawrence's two rare indie albums—Hail to the Modern Hero! (1980) and Pop City (1984) entitled "The Complete Sussman Lawrence (1979 - 1985)" which includes four rare bonus tracks. As the singer, songwriter and guitarist for the band, this set contains the earliest recordings of Peter Himmelman.

Both albums were recorded at the height of Sussman Lawrence’s creative genius in sculpting a sound that veteran Billboard writer Jim Bessman, who covered the group for Variety, aptly called a cross between Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello.

Track listing[edit]

  • DISC ONE (Hail To The Modern Hero!)
  1. Shelly's Dog
  2. Rock Slow
  3. Ode To Another Egg
  4. Where Are The Leaders
  5. Another Song About Erections
  6. The Way You Touch
  7. So Hard And Shiny
  8. Information
  9. Cast Away For Merchandise
  10. Modern Saint*
  11. Fortunate*
  12. Hard Rock Tambourine*
  13. Tough Suction (live)*

(*) unreleased bonus tracks

  • DISC TWO (Pop City)
  1. Torture Me
  2. She's The Living End
  3. (I Really Don't Love You But)I Sure Do Like You A Lot
  4. The Fifth Of August
  5. House On Fire
  6. Fireman
  7. Naturally (You're Artificial)
  8. Closer, Closer
  9. 1.5 BMMPH
  10. Made To Order
  11. Hope
  12. Listen Up
  13. Pajama Party
  14. The Strangest Emotion
  15. Bitter World
  16. The Sperm Song
  17. Baby Let Me Be Your Cigarette
  18. Luxury
  19. Call Me On Monday
  20. Love Is A Fight

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