The Computing Centre of Madrid Complutense University

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The Computing Centre of Complutense University of Madrid was created on 1966-01-13 after an agreement established between the University and IBM.

The electronic equipment given by IBM was composed by an IBM 7090 calculator with a reading capacity of 250 cards per minute, an IBM 1401, a plotter which was able to print 600 lines per minute and other auxiliary equipment. The sober and rationalist two-storey building was constructed in 1966 and designed by Miguel Fisac. Computing in Spain was incipient and it was created with the specific function to apply the new calculus techniques in investigation, architecture, learning and art.

The “Seminario de Generación Automática de Formas Plásticas" was of great importance amongst its first activities, where visual artists, musicians, engineers, architects and programmers shared a pioneer experience of Net-Art generating models, designs, paintings music, videos and 3-D animations. Among them were Eduardo Arrechea, Florentino Briones, Guillermo Searle, Javier Seguí de la Riva, Domingo Sarrey, José Luis Alexanco, Elena Asins, Barbadillo, Luis Lugán, Eduardo Sanz, Soledad Sevilla, Eusebio Sempere y José María López Yturralde.