The Comrades of Summer

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The Comrades of Summer
Genre Comedy
Written by Robert Rodat
Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace
Starring Joe Mantegna
Theme music composer William Olvis
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Tim Braine
David Pritchard
Location(s) Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver
Cinematography David Leiterman
Richard Leiterman
Editor(s) Stephen E. Rivkin
Running time 96 minutes
Distributor Home Box Office
Original release July 11, 1992

The Comrades of Summer is a 1992 television film featuring Joe Mantegna. It was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, written by Robert Rodat and aired on HBO on July 11, 1992.


Major League Baseball manager Sparky Smith is fired from his job with the Seattle Mariners. His attitude has gotten him into trouble with George, the owner of the Mariners, and no other teams seem to want any part of him.

The Olympic Games are coming up, however, and a spirit of glasnost exists in the new Russia, which is trying to field its first Olympic baseball team. Sparky reluctantly accepts an offer to move to Moscow to coach the players, many of whom don't even know the game's fundamentals. The players are predictably inept at first, but Sparky begins to learn the real joy in baseball is in the effort and the camaraderie.

An exhibition game ultimately is arranged in which Sparky and his young, eager Russians get to play against his old team, the Mariners.



Filming took place in Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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