The Conan Chronicles, 2

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This article is about a short story collection. For the protagonist and principal character, see Conan the Barbarian.
The Conan Chronicles: Volume 2: The Hour of the Dragon
Conan chronicles volume 2.jpg
Cover of the first edition
Author Robert E. Howard
Cover artist John Howe
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Gollancz Conan Chronicles
Genre Fantasy short stories
Publisher Gollancz
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages xii, 575 pp
ISBN 1-85798-747-0
OCLC 59534814
Preceded by The Conan Chronicles, Volume 1: The People of the Black Circle

The Conan Chronicles: Volume 2: The Hour of the Dragon is a collection of fantasy short stories written by Robert E. Howard featuring his sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. The book was published in 2001 by Gollancz as sixteenth volume of their Fantasy Masterworks series. The book, edited by Stephen Jones, presents the stories in their internal chronological order. Most of the stories originally appeared in the magazines Weird Tales, Fantasy Magazine and The Howard Collector.