The Connie Dungs

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The Connie Dungs
Origin Ashland, Kentucky
Genres Pop punk
Years active 1994–2001; 2011; 2013
Labels Mutant Pop Records
Plan It X Records
Members Brandon Tussey (vocals)
Chris Griffith (percussion)
Wayne Griffith (bass)
John Spears (guitar)
Past members Mike Webb (guitar)
Rob Lowe (guitar)
Dave Berger (guitar)

The Connie Dungs were an American punk rock band from Ashland, Kentucky, formed in 1994. The core of the group is composed of Brandon Tussey and brothers Chris Griffith and Wayne Griffith.


The Connie Dungs are a poppy snotty punk band similar in style to The Ramones and, later, Jawbreaker. They existed as an active band from 1994 to 2000, taking part in over 20 releases during that time. The Dungs gained some degree of prominence in the American underground punk scene based on sporadic concerts around the middle U.S. including Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

In 1994, the Connie Dungs began performing at local shows for friends and punk fans in Eastern Kentucky. During this early period they recorded and released two cassette-tape demos (Songs for Swinging Lovers and Nice Guys Finish Last) which were sold exclusively at shows. Both Songs for Swinging Lovers and Nice Guys Finish Last were later collected on one album, Songs for Swinging Nice Guys, released in 1999 on Mutant Pop Records.

Their first official release was a split 7" with fellow local punk band Tugboat. These demos and early releases resulted in a 7" single with Chicago indie label Harmless Records, Missy and Johnny. This single was selected in 1995 by Shredder Records as one of the top punk singles of the year and was included in volume three of their annual compilation, Shreds.

After signing with Mutant Pop and releasing a series of singles and albums, more buzz came by way of positive coverage from every major underground punk publication including Flipside, Punk Planet, The Probe, Jersey Beat, and maximumrocknroll. Two writers at maximumrocknroll were particularly enthusiastic about the group: George Tabb and Mykel Board.[1] Board once wrote: "They're my new favorite band. In case you haven't heard, they've got the best punk vocalist since H.R.! ... I love you!".[2] The Connie Dungs even made an appearance in the December 1996 issue of Guitar School magazine in the article "The Great Unknowns: The Best and the Brightest of Today's Unsung Punk Bands." [3] Zac Damon (of Zoinks! and, later, Squirtgun and Screeching Weasel) provided back-up vocals for the second LP, Driving on Neptune. The third LP, Earthbound for the Holiday, featured back-up vocals from Mass Giorgini, the prominent pop punk producer who was a member of later incarnations of Screeching Weasel and a founding member of Squirtgun. Mass also had a hand in recording, mastering, or producing several Connie Dungs releases.

The band played their last show August 19, 2000 at the Mutant Pop Festival in Warren, PA. This was the same day their 4th and final LP, Eternal Bad Luck Charm, was released.

Following the break-up, the three permanent members (Brandon, Chris, and Wayne) started a new band with a less pop-oriented direction, A Radio With Guts. Brandon also played some solo acoustic shows, including a gig with pop punk luminary Dr. Frank.

In March 2011, the Connie Dungs reformed with the original four members (Brandon, Wayne, Chris and John). On July 9, 2011, the Connie Dungs made their return to punk rock at the V Club in Huntington, WV. A month later, the Dungs made their way to Baltimore, MD to the Insubordination Records Festival. The Connie Dungs' last official performance was at the V Club in Huntington, WV on October 12, 2013.

Permanent members on prior recordings[edit]

  • Brandon Tussey (Brandon Dung) - songwriter, singer, guitar
  • Wayne Griffith (Wayne Sphincter) - bass
  • Chris Griffith (Chris Colostomy) - drums, percussion

Occasional guitarists on prior recordings[edit]

  • John Spears (Johnny Asshole)
  • Mike Webb (Mike Hemorrhoid)
  • Rob Lowe (Robbie Rectum)
  • Dave Berger (Dave Spodie)


Full-length albums[edit]

  1. 1997 The Connie Dungs (Mutant Pop Records)
  2. 1998 Driving on Neptune (Mutant Pop Records)
  3. 1999 Earthbound For The Holiday (Mutant Pop Records)
  4. 1999 Songs For Swinging Nice Guys (Mutant Pop Records) (both self-released cassettes from 1995 on one CD)
  5. 2000 Eternal Bad Luck Charm (Mutant Pop Records)

EPs and singles[edit]

  1. 1995 Connie Dungs / Tugboat Split 7" EP (Smalltown Kids Records)
  2. 1995 Missy and Johnny 7" EP (Harmless Records)
  3. 1996 I Hate This Town 7" EP (Mutant Pop Records)
  4. 1997 Connie Dungs / Operation: Cliff Clavin split 7"/CDEP (Plan It X Records)
  5. 1997 Connie Dungs / Automatics (USA) split 10" EP (Cool Guy Records)
  6. 1997 Connie Dungs / Slowpokes split 7" EP
  7. 1997 No Chance 7" EP (Mutant Pop Records)
  8. 2000 Turntable CDEP (Mutant Pop Records)

Demos and other releases[edit]

  1. 1995 Songs For Swinging Lovers — self-released cassette sold at shows, 200 copies
  2. 1995 Nice Guys Finish Last — self-released cassette sold at shows, 200 copies


  1. 1995 Shreds Volume 3-American Underground '95 (Shredder Records) - "Missy and Johnny"
  2. 1996 The New Breed, Volume 3 (G.I. Productions) - "I Hate This Town" (vinyl version on CD)
  3. 1996 Back Asswards (Interbang Records) - "Kill Me In My Sleep" (exclusive version)
  4. 1996 The Best of Bumfuck Egypt Music Compilation 7" (Molasses Grave Records) (5 bands) - "Wonder Boy" (exclusive track)
  5. 1997 Grease - The Not So Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture (Dummyup Records) "Those Magic Changes" (Sha Na Na cover)
  6. 1997 It Should Have Been a Record (Ape City Records)- "Used to be Cool" (exclusive version)
  7. 1998 How To Be Punk - Volume 1 (Cool Guy Records) - "Teenage Punks On Talk Shows" (exclusive version)
  8. 2000 Transylvania Style Punk Rock (Wornout Records) - "Barbara" (album version)


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