The Contaminated Void

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The Contaminated Void
The Contaminated Void vinyl cover.JPG
Studio album by Coldworker
Released November 6, 2006 (worldwide)
January 23, 2007 (North America)
Recorded June 6–24, 2006
Genre Deathgrind
Length 39:46
Label Relapse Records
Producer Dan Swanö
Coldworker chronology
The Contaminated Void
Pig Destroyer / Coldworker / Antigama
(2007)Pig Destroyer / Coldworker / Antigama2007
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

The Contaminated Void is the debut album by Swedish deathgrind band Coldworker. It was released on November 13, 2006 in the world (except North America). In North America, it was released on January 23, 2007.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. ”The Interloper”
  2. ”D.E.A.D.”
  3. ”An Unforgiving Season”
  4. ”The Contaminated Void”
  5. ”Death Smiles At Me”
  6. ”A Custom-Made Hell”
  7. ”Return To Ashes”
  8. ”Strain At The Leash”
  9. ”Flammable”
  10. ”Antidote”
  11. ”They Crawl Inside Me Uninvited"
  12. "Waiting For Buildings To Collapse"
  13. "Heart Shaped Violence"
  14. "Generations Decay"