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The Contrarian Media is an online magazine covering a range of topics, including skeptical inquiry, politics, media policy, spirituality and metaphysics, contemporary culture and satire. In keeping with its tagline "The Toast of Delinquent Intellectuals Everywhere," The Contrarian seeks to advance critical writing online outside of the formalism of academia. To this end, the magazine's title is in keeping with the accepted definitions of "contrarian."


Launched in 2007 as an offshoot of Solid State[1] — the music blog for independent alternative newsweekly Seven DaysThe Contrarian covered contemporary music trends, but soon branched out to include articles on issues ranging from the evolving media landscape to foreign and domestic policy. The magazine was founded by Washington, D.C.-based writer, musician and policy wonk Casey Rae, who has contributed music journalism to such publications as Dusted Magazine,[2] Signal to Noise, Washington City Paper and Pitchfork,[3] and who regularly speaks on issues at the intersection of music, technology, policy and law as a member of Future of Music Coalition.

Editorial Style[edit]

The Contrarian Media is known for advancing the work of up-and-coming writers whose favored subject matter may not be suited for other publications, and who demonstrate a flair for critical analysis and the skewering of sacred cows. Humor and satire are staples of The Contrarian, yet malicious reporting or character defamation is staunchly avoided.

Musical Affiliations[edit]

The Contrarian Media is affiliated with The Contrarian,[4] an art-rock act with a following within the weird fiction and progressive/experimental music community.[5][6][7] The Contrarian is part of the Lux Eterna Records roster, which also includes musical offerings from contributors to The Contrarian Media.


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