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The Cook Political Report
Founder(s)Charlie Cook
PublisherCharlie Cook
EditorCharlie Cook
Founded1984; 36 years ago (1984)
Ceased publication2004 (print)
HeadquartersThe Watergate
Washington, D.C.
WebsiteThe Cook Political Report

The Cook Political Report is an independent, non-partisan[1] online newsletter that analyzes elections and campaigns for the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, Governor's offices and the American Presidency. It was founded by political analyst Charlie Cook in 1984. Coverage of Senate and Gubernatorial races is headed up by Senior Editor Jennifer Duffy and coverage of House races is led by David Wasserman. Amy Walter serves as national editor.

Reports include Charlie Cook's two weekly columns for National Journal magazine, and NationalJournal Daily. In addition, changes are generally made each week to the House, Senate, and Governors At-A-Glance charts, which list every candidate running in each state and district in the country, in addition to other candidates who are rumored to be considering a run. The House Summary lists the current makeup of the House of Representatives, as well as all announced retirements, potential retirements, and candidates possibly running for higher office. All House and Senate contests are rated, regardless of competitiveness on a seven-point scale; Solid Democrat, Likely Democrat, Lean Democrat, Toss-Up, Lean Republican, Likely Republican, and Solid Republican.

The Cook Political Report employs what it calls the Cook Partisan Voting Index (the PVI), which lists each congressional district in the country according to propensity for voting Democratic or Republican. Every four years following a presidential election, the PVI is updated to reflect how Democratic or Republican a district is, based on how that district voted in the presidential election compared with the rest of the country.

Previously a hard copy publication, the Cook Political Report moved to an all online format in 2004.

Past predictions[edit]


Pre-election the Cook Political Report predicted the Democrats would pick up five to seven Senate seats, and Hillary Clinton would likely turn at least a couple of red states blue in the presidential race. At one point in the summer, the Cook Report even speculated that states as deep red as Texas and Arizona could go blue.[2]


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