The Cool Death of Island Raiders

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The Cool Death of Island Raiders
Studio album by The Ohsees
Released March 7, 2006
Genre Freak folk
Length 36:14
Label Narnack Records
Producer Dave Sitek, Kyp Malone, Chris Moore, Betty Edwards, Brooke Hamre Gilles
The Ohsees chronology
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(2005)OCS 4: Get Stoved2005
The Cool Death of Island Raiders
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(2007)Sucks Blood2007

The Cool Death of Island Raiders is the fifth studio album by the American garage rock band Thee Oh Sees, released on March 7, 2006 on Narnack Records. Co-produced by TV on the Radio members Dave Sitek and Kyp Malone, the album was released under the names, The Ohsees and The Oh Sees, and is the first studio album to feature backing vocalist and future keyboardist Brigid Dawson.

The album features mostly freak folk songs, alongside experimental drone compositions.


Upon the album's release, Pitchfork's Cory D. Byrom gave it a mostly negative review, writing: "Dwyer's work here is a mess. He relies too heavily on the freak half of freak folk, burying the songs in grating arrangements and murky production."[1]

Track listing[edit]

1."The Guilded Cunt"2:43
2."The Dumb Drums"2:29
3."Turn Offs"2:04
4."Losers in the Sun"2:24
5."Drone Number One"5:02
6."Island Raiders"4:05
7."Cool Deaths"2:27
8."Broken Stems"3:27
9."We Are Free"4:14
10."Drone Number Two"4:54
11."You Oughta Go Home"2:25


The Oh Sees[edit]

  • John Dwyer - vocals, guitar, electronics
  • Brigid Dawson - backing vocals, tea and biscuits
  • Patrick Mullins - drums, electronics, shakers, singing saw

Additional musicians[edit]

  • Dave Sitek - piano, electric piano, organ
  • Kyp Malone - guitar, backing vocals
  • Darren Gardner - violin, slowed-down violin
  • Martin Pernal - saxophone

Recording personnel[edit]

  • Dave Sitek - producer
  • Kyp Malone - producer
  • Chris Moore - producer
  • Betty Edwards - producer
  • Brooke Hamre Gilles - producer


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