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The Cops were an American rock band from Seattle, Washington including members Michael Jaworski, John Randolph, David Weeks and Drew Church. They were previously signed with Mt. Fuji Records and The Control Group. Their influences include The Kinks, The Clash and The Buzzcocks. They also incorporate elements of dub and reggae.


The Cops formed in July 2004 with Michael Jaworski on lead vocals and guitar, John Randolph on guitar and David Weeks on drums. Seattle label Mt. Fuji Records released both their debut EP Why Kids Go Wrong in March 2005, and the critically acclaimed full-length Get Good or Stay Bad in November 2005. Former Supersuckers and Hater bassist, Drew Church, replaced Brian Wall on bass in early 2006, just in time for a tour supporting Cursive and Jeremy Enigk. Following the recording of their second full-length Free Electricity, guitarist Brandon Bay was added to the mix to make The Cops a full-fledged 5-piece rock band.

The band self-recorded and produced their debut EP "Why Kids Go Wrong" which was released by Mt. Fuji Records in March 2005. The next two full-length albums were recorded with the band’s spiritual godfather Kurt Bloch (The Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows). The Cops debut record "Get Good or Stay Bad" was released by Mt. Fuji Records in November 2005 and their sophomore effort "Free Electricity" was co-released by Mt. Fuji Records and The Control Group labels in November 2007. "Free Electricity" was also mixed by the multi-talented producer Johnny Sangster (Mudhoney, Old Haunts, The Briefs). The Cops went on hiatus at the end of 2008 but have since reunited are currently working on new material for their next recording. Since The Cops hiatus, singer/guitarist Michael Jaworski has gone on to form the rock band Virgin Islands. Drew Church and Dave Weeks are currently playing in the punk outfit, Little Cuts, with Dave Hernandez of The Shins. Church and Jaworski are also playing in a side project called Puberty, which features Lars Finnberg from the Intelligence, also with Dave Hernandez.

The band has earned a reputation for fierce and bombastic live performances and have toured the US consistently since their inception, with tours supporting Cursive, Jeremy Enigk, The Hold Steady, Constantines, and others.

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