The Corn Sisters

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The Corn Sisters
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Alternative country
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Years active 1998-2002
Labels Mint
Associated acts The New Pornographers
Past members Neko Case
Carolyn Mark

The Corn Sisters were a Canadian-U.S. alternative country act formed in Vancouver in 1998 as a side project by Neko Case and Carolyn Mark. Case had already released a solo album (The Virginian, 1997), while Mark had released six albums with her former band The Vinaigrettes.[1]


The Corn Sisters built a reputation as "a dynamic touring duo"[2] performing in coffee shops and other small venues before gaining wider exposure as the opening act for Richard Buckner.[3] One of their coffee shop performances, recorded at Seattle's “Hattie’s Hat” in May 1998, was released as The Other Women by Mint Records in 2000 to mixed reviews,[1][4] although Allmusic acknowledges its appealing "mix of twang and attitude".[5] The pair contributed three songs between them to the label's Team Mint Volume Two sampler in 2001 – one as the Corn Sisters, one as Carolyn Mark and Her Roommates, and one as Neko Case and Her Boyfriends.[6] They also contributed three tracks to the compilation A Tribute to the Soundtrack to Robert Altman's Nashville in 2002 – again, one as the Corn Sisters and one apiece as individuals.[7] While Case and Mark stopped performing regularly as a duo in 2002, they did join Kelly Hogan to record the music for the 2004 documentary Lipstick and Dynamite.[8]


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