The Courier (Ballarat)

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The Courier
Ballarat Courier logo.png
TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)Robert Clark
Edward J.Bateman
PublisherAustralian Community Media
EditorEugene Duffy
CirculationMon-Fri: 9200[1]
Sat: 18,300[2]

The Ballarat Courier is a newspaper circulating in the Ballarat region of regional Victoria. It is published daily from Monday to Saturday.

In 2021 the editor is Eugene Duffy. The newspaper is owned by Australian Community Media.


In 1867, Robert Clark and Edward J.Bateman established The Courier under the name of Bateman Clark & Co. The first office was located on the south side of Sturt Street, east of Albert Street. In 1871 the office moved to 24 Sturt Street and in 1889 the Clark and Bateman partnership dissolved, with Clark becoming the sole proprietor. In 1922 the newspaper became a private company called the Ballarat Courier Proprietary and a year later bought out the opposition, The Star. The Courier changed format from broadsheet to tabloid in 1944.

During and prior to 2021 the publication saw a steep decline in the publication of Letters to the Editor and Opinion.


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