The Courier (magazine)

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The Courier
Editor Dick Bryant
Categories Miniature Wargaming
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1968
Final issue
— Number
Company Legio X
Country United States
Website The Courier Magazine

The Courier was, prior to its demise in 2005, the oldest game magazine in existence.[1] Started in 1968 by war-gaming enthusiasts Dick Bryant and Bob Beattie as a newsletter of the New England Wargamers Association,[1] The Courier underwent a glossy reboot starting in 1979. Dubbed "America's Foremost Miniatures Wargaming Magazine", The Courier featured regular columns and articles on how to collect, assemble, paint, play with, and make historically accurate miniatures.[1]

The Courier was inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design's Hall of Fame in 1997.[1]

In 2005, publisher Legio X issued The Courier #91, the last issue of the magazine. Its content became part of Historical Miniature Gamer Magazine.[2]


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